Wayne Messam

Mayor of Miramar, Florida

On the Issues

Due to Mayor Messam never holding federal office, he has not had the same opportunities to support or cosponsor legislation that ANA has championed as some of the other presidential candidates. This does not necessarily indicate that, if he were to be the presidential nominee, he would not potentially be strong on nursing issues and health care more broadly.


Mayor Messam said the crisis is primarily a health care issue. “As president, I’ll continue to press the issue for access to health care,” he said. “I’ll continue to press the issue of being that champion to fight big industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry, that tends to take advantage of these types of situations.”

Health System Transformation

Mayor Messam supports the Medicare for America Act of 2019 (H.R. 2452).

Additional Health Care Information

Mayor Messam has made health care access a top priority on his presidential campaign, saying “access to quality health care is one of the top barriers to economic opportunity, mobility and stability. If people are unable to live healthy lives, their productivity and ability to thrive at school, work or home suffers. In order to compete globally and lay the groundwork for a truly prosperous society, we must re-evaluate our priorities and make health care a fundamental right — not a privilege — in this country. We must reform the system from the top down and drive down costs for patients, including giving the government more authority to negotiate prescription prices for seniors,” according to his campaign website.