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Pete Buttigieg

Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (2012-2020)

On the Issues

Due to Mayor Buttigieg never holding federal office, he has not had the same opportunities to support or cosponsor legislation that ANA has championed as some of the other presidential candidates. This does not necessarily indicate that, if he were to be the presidential nominee, he would not potentially be strong on nursing issues.


Mayor Buttigieg is involved in a lawsuit that targets pharmaceutical companies on the grounds of “deceitful practices around the level of addictiveness of these medications,” and “evidence of trying to push uses that were not appropriate.” He also expanded access to Narcan, the drug that reverses overdoses, during his tenure according to Big Think.

In a July 2019 interview with The Tennessean, Buttigieg explained that his proposals for dealing with the opioid epidemic included increasing resources for medication-assisted treatment, understanding that criminalizing addiction is not the answer, and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for suppressing information on the addicting power of their substances.

Health System Transformation

Mayor Buttigieg supports “Medicare for All who want it.” This plan makes a Medicare-type public option available on the exchange and invites people to buy into it. The idea behind the plan is to enable Americans to make the decision of buying into a version of Medicare and giving them a choice rather than forcing people off their private insurance.

In October 2019, his campaign unveiled an ‘Affordable Medicine for All’ plan to slash drug prices and boost medical innovation.

Additional Health Care Information

According to his campaign website, Mayor Buttigieg’s health care priorities include improving health equity, investing in maternal and infant health, lowering drug prices, making long-term care affordable, investing resources in mental health, and combating the opioid and methamphetamine epidemics.