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Marianne Williamson

Entrepreneur, Author

On the Issues

Due to Marianne Williamson never holding federal office, she has not had the same opportunities to support or cosponsor legislation that ANA has championed as some of the other presidential candidates. This does not necessarily indicate that, if she were to be the presidential nominee, she would not potentially be strong on nursing issues and health care more broadly.


In an April 2019 interview, Williamson said the opioid crisis needs to change from a criminal issue to a public health issue, calling for a 24/7 12-step program to be available on cable television and referring to “big pharma” as the biggest drug dealer in the country.

Health System Transformation

Williamson is also in favor of Medicare for All and states that she wants to by make Medicare an option on the Affordable Care Act exchanges according to her campaign website.

Additional Health Care Information

Williamson has expansive language on her campaign website dedicated to health care, including requiring our health care system to reimburse medical professionals for a broader array of lifestyle and nutrition support, focused on preventing disease and/or addressing root causes. She is also in favor of longer visits with doctors and/or their support staff to better equip patients with skills necessary to make lifestyle changes. Similarly, Williamson supports funding programs in all our educational systems, pre-k through college, designed to teach nutrition and lifestyle skills to help cultivate long-term health.