Deval Patrick

Former Governor of Massachusetts (2007–2015)

On the Issues

Due to Deval Patrick never holding federal office, he has not had the same opportunities to support or cosponsor legislation that ANA has championed as some of the other presidential candidates. This does not necessarily indicate that, if he were to be the presidential nominee, he would not potentially be strong on nursing issues and health care more broadly.


Deval Patrick sits on the Board of Directors for American Well, the nation’s largest telehealth provider.


In 2014, Patrick signed a bill into law that required health insurers provide up to 14 days of inpatient care for people with addictions, according to The law requires a commission to prepare a list of drugs that can be used instead of opiates and requires pharmacists to dispense and insurers to cover the substituted drugs. It also contains new data reporting requirements related to the state’s prescription monitoring program, including drug overdose deaths and infants born exposed to drugs.

Health System Transformation

According to his campaign website, Patrick is in favor of expanding a public option through the Affordable Care Act and has hinted at modeling it after Medicare.

Patrick had previously stated in a 2018 interview with CNN, that Medicare for All would be a terrific idea if implemented alongside the private marketplace.

In 2012, the former governor introduced and signed a bill into law lowering health care costs by an estimated $200 billion over fifteen years. The law aimed to encourage providers to use fewer costly medical procedures, better coordinate care to keep patients out of the hospital, and to steer patients to lower-cost caregivers, according to the Boston Globe.